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| Date posted: April 18th, 2013


I’m so pleased to announce an exciting new adventure! I’m joining F+W Media as Content Director and Editor-in-Chief of Burda Style USA.  In addition to still leading and guiding The Sewing Studio and LoveSewing, I’m going to be working with the incredible team at F+W Media (the largest craft and hobby publisher in the world) on developing the Canadian and US markets for Burda and Burda Style.

What does this mean? So many great things ahead for you and for the rest of the sewing community! We’ve got some fun plans ahead including books, magazines, online education, and live events. And we’re working to integrate Burda with The Sewing Studio and LoveSewing in a way that will bring you more inspiration, more education, and more resources.

burda_news_burdastyleUSAThe Burda name is synonymous with fashion and style in the sewing industry, and I’m so honoured to be at the helm of this exciting endeavour. I can’t wait to partner my background in magazines with my passion for sewing and expertise in sewing education. This new venture will surely bring great things to the sewing community, to those who are brand new to sewing, and to everyone at LoveSewing and The Sewing Studio.

So stay tuned for what’s ahead. We’ll keep you posted here, on BurdaStyle.com, and of course on Twitter and Facebook.

F+W Media Inc. is a community-focused content creator for enthusiasts of all kinds. They do everything from books, e-books, and magazines to events, online stores, online education programs, and DVD, video instruction, and television programs. In craft and sewing, F+W’s leading brands include Interweave Press and The Martha Pullen Company. www.fwmedia.com

Family-owned German magazine publisher Hubert Burda Media (founded in 1898) currently publishes 229 magazines internationally. Burda Style Magazine is published in more than 99 countries, and BurdaStyle.com is the largest fashion and sewing community online with over 800,000 members and 7 million page views each month. www.hubert-burda-media.com

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Former magazine editor Denise Wild, a sewing star since the age of 13, started teaching sewing classes in her Toronto apartment in 2004 while she was working at FLARE, Canada’s top fashion publication. Those classes...

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  • http://www.facebook.com/janlynn.watson Janlynn Watson

    Great news! Congratulations.

  • Denise Wild

    Thank you so much!! :)