Hem Gems

| Date posted: February 22nd, 2011


Tired of jeans that work with either heels or flats, but not both? Consider consulting the “temporary tailor,” Hem Gems.

Laura Gelberg and Julia Houck-Whitaker, co-founders of Hem Gems, created this problem-solving tool for a common dilemma. Similar to tie tacks, these stylish pins are as easy to apply as they are to remove (without damaging your designer jeans).

First, fold the hem up to the desired length. Then, clutch the seam and tuck the cuff up and inside your pant leg, so that just the original hem is showing. Finally, pin the Hem Gem to hold it into place.

By the way, if youíve got jeans with frayed hems you want to conceal, Laura and Julia suggest a just “Tuck ‘em Under” Hem Gem strategy.

Now we can avoid permanent alterations that minimize the versatility of our jeans wardrobe. And we love anything that doesn’t cramp our style.

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