Opaki Gray Knitted Dress

| Date posted: September 2nd, 2011


Project: Opaki Gray Knitted Dress
Designer: Aniko Szoinoki
Website: okapiknits.etsy.com
Describe your style: I’d say they’re simple, pure and feminine. I like to use geometrical elements and asymmetry. My goal is always to create new shapes and details. I love to experiment; every new creation is a challenge.

When did you learn to sew?
I learned sewing, knitting and crocheting by hand when I was six or seven. I was 12 when I got my first sewing machine; I worked one year in a costume workshop when I was 19, where I learned many sewing techniques, and I learned much more during my studies at university for fashion design.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
It comes from various areas, like architectures or nature. Many times it comes simply by experimenting with different fabrics, patterns or ideas.
Why do you sew? It’s not only my job, but my hobby as well. Whenever I have some time I’m sketching, designing or sewing.

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