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| Date posted: October 11th, 2011


Watching TV, there are always those two-minute long commercials that feature some product that you wonder “Who needs that? How many vegetables do I need to chop at once?” (Or, “how often do I need to fix a crack in rubber?”). But as the commercial goes on, and you watch all the demos showing all the ways this product is useful, you find that you’re starting to think “Actually, that’s pretty cool. I want that!”
Well, there are a lot of cool gadgets out there, too, for sewing enthusiasts. Again, ones you don’t need, but could definitely want; little gadgets that make things easier, though you could always do it another way. Here’s a list of some of the coolest tools that I’m hankering after:

My-T-Fine electronic cutter
This product may very well have been advertised on TV, but it can also be found in sewing supply stores. If you’re cutting a lot of fabric, these electronic scissors will save you a lot of hand cramps. And apparently they can cut through blister packs (bonus!).

Hello Kitty Janome sewing machine
The quality of a Janome sewing machine, but with the kitschy cool decoration of Hello Kitty. Plus, its shape and mint green-colour give it a cool 1950s retro vibe.

Strip-It fabric stripper
Although this is advertised for cutting ribbons for knitting or braiding, I want this handy gadget for cutting perfect bias strips. It cuts uniform strips of fabric in ¼” increments from ¼” to 1 ¼”—no ruler, no scissors, just the stripper!

Dritz Pliers for grommets and snaps
Expand your clothing fastener options by being able to apply your own button snaps and grommets for eyelets.

SideWinder portable electronic bobbin winder
Winding a bobbin isn’t the biggest pain in the world, but there’s something nice about pushing a button and having it automatically done for you (makes me think of old videocassette winders). Plus, you don’t need to unthread your machine.


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