Sewing Sunday

| Date posted: December 5th, 2012


Sewing Sunday! Have you heard of it? If you have, you must be our friend on Facebook! (Hello, friend!) Back in March of 2012, sewing enthusiast Christine Carson (who’s also our Social Media Manager and a writer for introduced the moniker that we hope will encourage people to set aside time to sew.


“I was thinking about how people regularly put aside time for things they love – Monday Night Football, Taco Tuesday, Friday Date Night, and Hockey Night in Canada,” says Carson. “It seems when we carve out time for something we enjoy, not only does it actually happen, but others seems to respect it and even sometimes want to join in.”


Ever since Christine first mentioned Sewing Sunday on our Facebook page, the response has been fantastic! We hear from people all over, and of all ages, who are putting time aside once a week to sew… And I’ve been following suit. Well, sort of. Let’s say I’ve been participating in Semi-Sewing Sundays. Sure, I’ve done a bit of mending or hemming here and there, and I’ve even tidied my sewing room a few times, but to be perfectly honest, the most sewing-related thing I do on Sundays is either swinging by The Sewing Studio, doing work, or answering emails. Shouldn’t sewing-oriented work and sewing-themed emails count?!


But it’s time to get serious. I love New Year’s resolutions, and even more so, I love getting a head start on them. So here’s one of mine for 2013: ACTUALLY sew on Sewing Sunday. Every Sunday I will start and finish a new project. (I actually used to do this! After university, I used to sew one new garment every week! Man, those were the days.) Starting ASAP (I swear!), I’m going to sew one new project every Sunday. Big or small, garment or home décor project, for me or for someone else. And I’ll put my projects on, so keep an eye out!


As Christine says, “Routine can be a great way to fit in things that you love (sewing) that may otherwise be pushed out by the mundane (laundry).” Wait… Does this mean I don’t have to do any more laundry? Perfect!


Happy Sewing Sunday, everyone! Join us on Facebook each Sewing Sunday, or right here below, and tell us what you’ve sewn.


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