Summer-weight Fabrics

| Date posted: May 3rd, 2011


With spring here and the hotter days of summer approaching it’s time to whip up some warm weather garments and head outside. But with so many fabrics available how do you choose the best one for a versatile summer garment?

Cotton has long been a standby for summer clothing: it’s soft, easy to care for and widely available; however, it can be uncomfortable to wear if it becomes damp either from sweat or humidity. And it also has to be ironed—ugh!

Other lightweight natural fabrics such as linen and silk also have great properties for summer wear but they require special care—not exactly how I want to spend my summer evenings!

A blend of fibres, either all natural or a natural and synthetic blend, are created to incorporate the best properties of each fibre. A blend may provide the drape and breathability that you are looking for in a warm-weather garment while also helping the garment keep its shape, resist odor and wrinkles, while also being easier to launder.

Hemp, bamboo and soy with their natural anti-bacterial properties are also wonderful additions to a lightweight fabric blend. Finally, wool is a commonly overlooked fabric that is suitable for warmer days, when used in a blend or a tropical wool/summer weight. It’s breathable, naturally moisture wicking and has temperature regulating properties; combine that with being wrinkle resistant it is worth considering when shopping for summer weight fabric.

When you consider all of the fantastic fabric combinations and the wonderful variety of colours they are available in, I am sometimes surprised that I manage to step away from my sewing machine at all!


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